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Property Tax Depreciation

We have accredited specialists to prepare Tax Depreciation Schedules for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Under Australian income tax law, holders of properties used for income production and investment purposes are entitled to claim a tax deduction for the decline in value of their property and the associated plant and equipment.

A Tax Depreciation Schedule is a document that outlines a property’s elemental value and the taxpayer’s associated deduction entitlements. This Schedule is a necessary substantiating document for the accountant when preparing a tax return involving investment property.

Preparation of a Tax Depreciation Schedule is a complex task centred on the calculation of property construction costs for all building elements. It is not solely based on the property purchase price or the land value.

Quantity Surveyors are recognised by the Australian Taxation Office as qualified practitioners for the preparation of Property Tax related Depreciation Schedules as they are experts in the field of Construction Estimation.