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Project Management

Altus Page Kirkland's Project Management experience covers the four main phases of your project – from initiation and concept through to handover and evaluation.

We provide proactive assistance with your needs determination process by establishing project objectives, undertaking an appraisal of your project and documenting the process in your project plan.

Although time management is one of the primary objectives of any project, we understand that it must be balanced against the other principle objectives of cost and quality. We also believe scope is another important project objective that needs to be considered to ensure the successful management and completion of a project. Our project programming methods involve assessing all aspects of the working project, time modelling, duration and sequencing. Milestone plans are used to measure, record and report progress against the programme in order to maintain and achieve project objectives.

In addition to time management, our Project Managers are focused on client outcomes and consider Stakeholder Management to be one of the fundamental keystones of successful project delivery.

At Altus Page Kirkland, we achieve all project goals and client objectives through efficient planning and organisation, controlled management and resource allocation.