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Feasibility Studies & Budget Development

At the earliest stage of a project, Altus Page Kirkland can assist with the development of a robust and accurate Budget Estimate that encompasses all cost factors for the project. Our in-depth knowledge of the construction process and regulatory requirements allows us to consider all costs incurred over the life of the project from the outset. Our strength lies in our ability to interpret high-level concept information (for example, area schedules or unit schedules with no drawings or design), and produce a Budget Estimate to test the feasibility of a project. We have extensive indicative cost data, indicators and rates extracted from successful projects at our disposal, which can be used to ensure the most economical outcome.

We also offer cost advice on contingencies and escalation; important factors that can benefit or hinder a project. Accurate allowances must be made at the feasibility stage to ensure an effective budget, which incorporates the costs as the project moves from the concept, schematic and detailed design stages through to construction. Altus Page Kirkland can also help you achieve the most economical method for a particular design requirement, should budget constraints arise.

It is imperative that we work closely with the project design team during these initial design phases in order to complete robust Master Plan/Feasibility Budget Estimates. We encourage and adopt an open style of communication to facilitate timeliness in the completion of services and deliverables, ensuring that all costs are accounted for from the outset.