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Cost Planning & Estimation

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Cost Planning is a key costing technique used to accurately define and cost all components of a building or project. Each element of a design and project is identified, listed and costed, which allows us to effectively track and monitor the design, ensuring budget costs are adhered to and cost overruns and risks are minimised. Cost Plans and Cost Estimates also assist us to identify areas of high cost and inefficiencies of the design. Through our proactive Cost Management service, we identify a list of potential savings for the client, which may be necessary to ensure the budget is maintained.

Cost Planning and Estimation occurs throughout the design process, during the concept, schematic and detailed design and tender phases. In addition to the Elemental Cost Plans or Estimates that may be undertaken at each of the abovementioned design milestones, our continual involvement with the project and the design team allows us to also investigate design and cost options as the project's design phase progresses. This ensures the most economical design is adopted to most accurately reflect the project objectives and client requirements, while maintaining budget costs.

Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience in all sectors of the construction industry ensures that our Cost Planning and Estimation services are always specifically tailored to each individual project, in order to deliver the most accurate cost advice.