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Strategic Planning

By applying unique life cycle techniques and practices specific to clients' objectives, ownership costs and associated risks are mitigated.

The process may involve the following services:

  • Asset Management Plan – Creating long and short-term plans to align Asset Life Cycle Costs with Business Plans. These include Acquisition, Operations, Maintenance, Disposal and Capital Works Budget Plans.
  • Facilities Management Strategy – Aligning the service delivery strategy with Operations and Maintenance Plans. The Strategy identifies Performance Measurement, Service Level Agreements and the organisation’s Service Delivery Requirements.
  • Facilities Management Outsourcing Strategy – Including preparation of Tender and Contract Documents, Tender Evaluation and Negotiation.
  • Asset and Maintenance Management Review – Comparing the business' current practices with best Asset Management practices. The Review identifies opportunities regarding Information Systems, Maintenance Planning, Asset Strategies, Policies and Procedures.
  • Risk Management – Assessing operational risk, including a Pre-Purchase Review and identification of risks and costs prior to property purchase.