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Connecting the Real Estate Industry

Altus Page Kirkland provides comprehensive service offerings, leveraging our expertise to streamline multi-faceted projects and deliver customised solutions for clients. In recent years, best-in-class companies have joined Altus Group, adding new value in related fields and expanding our reach worldwide. Our global position provides opportunities to broaden expertise and deliver comprehensive service offerings to firms looking for consistency and independent proficiencies. With local insight, we are globally equipped to drive client projects forward.

We’re committed to providing our clients with measurable results that enhance their ability to make choices with clarity and confidence, while maximising value.

Professional Advisory: Our teams embody and reflect decades of experience and a broad range of expertise. We layer that over access to a database that has been collecting and aggregating real estate transaction information for over 50 years. With ongoing investments in technology, our offerings empower our clients to analyse, gain insight and recognise value on their real estate investments.

We draw on an interconnected network of over 2,300 employees around the world, to ensure our clients have an understanding of what is happening on the ground locally with a broader perspective to empower choices that can impact a diverse portfolio.


  • Measured and reliable independent counsel
  • Extensive and proprietary data products
  • Breadth of services that allow for customised solutions
  • Understanding the unique needs of each client
  • Seasoned local and global real estate expertise
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Altus Page Kirkland has over 30 years of international property and construction experience.