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Retail Location Analytics

Altus Data Solutions' expertise and complete range of analytical tools allow for measuring supply and demand within a given territory. 

Our Clients

Our clients consist of:

  • Commercial Real Estate Brokers
  • Business owners / operators / entrepreneurs
  • Commercial Developers

How Our Clients Use Retail Location Analytics

  • Developing growth strategies
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Enhance their own data, and assess market penetration
  • Finding the right location to open a business
  • Developing marketing plans and reaching target markets

Retail Location Analytics Includes

We analyze sites, delineate trade areas, evaluate social-demographic characteristics, estimate market potential, identify and assess competition establish sales forecast scenarios and determine the impact on sister facilities or on competitive establishments.

Our Expertise

We provide strategic advice and information to private and public sector clients using state-of-the-art research technology, in-house expertise, extensive databases, leading-edge analytical techniques.