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Benchmarking / Attribution

Altus Group has the unique ability to provide peer benchmark data. Our administration of valuation processes for more than 25 institutional clients, combined with our proprietary technology (DataBridge and DataExchange), allow us to track over 200 appraisal parameters and assumptions on more than 4,000 properties. Altus Group has the unique ability to provide peer benchmark data. 

Benchmarking Analytics:

  •  Benchmark data set that allows clients to compare their assets, in terms of value, occupancy, rent – and other key metrics – with the averages for the same sector and region
  • Benchmark contains accurate and consistent quarterly data for over 7,000 assets, going back as far as twenty years in some cases.
  • Benchmarking clients’ forecasts for comparison with NCREIF returns 

Performance Attribution:

  • Client ability to quickly analyze the actual performance of their real estate funds against the NCREIF ODCE index
  • Provides attribution analysis of client over-performance or under-performance to their allocation to – or performance in – different sectors and regions, even down to the individual property
  • Allows clients to see the underlying factors driving their overall fund-level performance