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Real Estate Hub


We are the focus of activity that can service every aspect of the real estate life cycle - from the purchase of land, to the direction that project takes, to the transaction related to ultimately selling or changing that asset. We are the independent authority on this industry like no one else and we sustain the software that is the standard platform of communication among global players. Our teams work independently or together to ensure our clients have this advantage as they make decisions related to their business.

Professional Advisory

Inform your confidence.

A decision without a breadth of information is a wager. We are professionals who provide a service dedicated to helping our clients make informed decisions that enable them to operate more efficiently. More profitably. With less risk.

Leverage our network of experts to  provide customised solutions for your needs - we go beyond the numbers.


It's often what you don't know that is most relevant.

The foundation of the informed, reliable advice we give our clients is data. Across Altus Group, we collect and validate data points to power real-time decisions that drive the commercial real estate industry. Up-to-the-minute analysis based on accurate, consistent, current and historical asset information.

We help you inform and manage your real estate assets efficiently - you can focus on making the decisions that maximise your investments.


Communication is key. Make sure you are speaking the same language.

Underpinning it all is the industry standard platform in providing complete solutions for managing and growing commercial real estate portfolios. Anyone involved in commercial real estate as an asset class trusts our solutions to improve the visibility and flow of information through every stage of their critical business processes. 

Our technology connects the real estate industry - we provide clients with universal understanding.

New technologies and expertise within Altus Group are paving the way for an expansion of our skills. As our clients continue to change the way they harness and grow their real estate assets, so will we continue to push the boundaries of our industry.